Digital Interpretive Proficiency Testing

New for 2024: Self assessment modules

CADQAS provides expertise, services and infrastructure to support the adoption of regional testing for selected IHC markers in tissue-based pathology worldwide.

Digital Proficiency Testing for interpretation of slide-based biomarkers in lung, breast and other cancers

Modules scheduled for 2024:

Proficiency Test Opening Closing Interactive feedback sessions (always at 4pm CET/CEST)
HER2 Dual ISH 05-Feb-2024 18-Feb-2024 21-Feb-2024, 22-Feb-2024 ✅
ROS1 in NSCLC 04-Mar-2024 17-Mar-2024 20-Mar-2024, 21-Mar-2024 ✅
HER2 IHC Breast 01-Apr-2024 14-Apr-2024 17-Apr-2024, 18-Apr-2024 ✅
PD-L1 SP263 & SP142 NSCLC 06-May-2024 19-May-2024 22-May-2024, 23-May-2024 ✅
ALK 27-May-2024 09-June-2024 12-June-2024, 13-June-2024 ✅
PD-L1 SP142 TNBC 17-June-2024 30-June-2024 03-July-2024, 04-July-2024
HER2 IHC Breast 19-Aug-2024 10-Sep-2024 11-Sep-2024, 12-Sep-2024 (TBC)
HER2 Dual ISH Breast 30-Sep-2024 13-Oct-2024 16-Oct-2024, 17-Oct-2024
MMR BRAF 28-Oct-2024 10-Nov-2024 13-Nov-2024, 14-Nov-2024
PRAME or Ki-67 (TBC) 18-Nov-2024 01-Dec-2024 03-Dec-2024, 04-Dec-2024

Please click on active links above to participate in currently live modules or to register for interactive feedback sessions.

These modules are brought to you with the support of Roche, and participation is free of charge.

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Each of our modules contain a maximum of 6 cases and we follow up with live, interactive sessions using a virtual multi-header microscope. These sessions may include a short presentation on current developments in the relevant biomarker area.

Please see our privacy policy to see how we use personal data obtained through your participation in our proficiency testing schemes.

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