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CADQAS CIC is an independent, not-for-profit community interest company set up to support the introduction & adoption of high-quality new cancer diagnostic & predictive tests (biomarkers).


CADQAS CIC supports and provides training in the interpretation of on-slide biomarkers either on site or elsewhere in UK or Europe, using our mobile pathology classroom.

Training courses offered to date include biomarker interpretation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (e.g. ALK (D5F3), PD-L1 (SP263)), Urothelial Carcinoma (PD-L1 (SP142)) and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (PD-L1 (SP142)). We also offer more general training courses on interpretation of diagnostic markers in lung and breast.

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Proficiency Testing

CADQAS CIC offers digital interpretive proficiency testing worldwide on a selection of biomarkers. We offer circulations of a small number of digital slides approximately twice a year for each biomarker.

You will need to register in order to receive login information for future circulations. Please visit our Proficiency Testing page to find out more.

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